We Asked ChatGPT The Best Crypto In Coming Months

If you have engaged with ChatGPT even a little bit, you know that getting a definite answer from it on certain topics can be quite challenging. However, this article might change your opinion on the matter at least a little bit, as we were able to get an answer from ChatGPT on even the topic of what the best cryptocurrency coin is

Although we have only known ChatGPT for a relatively short time, it has already managed to become a prominent part of our lives. Of course, there are many reasons for this success and that might be the subject of a different article. However, ChatGPT’s success in other areas has increased our expectations of seeking financial advice from it.

Many of you may have consulted ChatGPT on the stock prices in the S&P 500, the future price of gold per ounce, or whether the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates. However, I don’t think the answer you receive will be much different from the one below, considering the limitations placed on its advice due to the potential negative effects of its recommendations on these topics.

chatgpt's general answer for financial advice

As I mentioned earlier, ChatGPT tends to avoid giving opinions on these types of topics. But don’t worry, we have found a way around it.

What Will Be The Best Performing Crypto Currency According to ChatGPT?

Let’s start with a disclaimer. This article is not intended for the purpose of obtaining opinions from ChatGPT on crypto markets and applying them in real life to make money. The aim of this article is to express how it is possible to get answers from ChatGPT on these topics.

Before we start, it might be useful to understand how ChatGPT operates. ChatGPT responds as a language model and does not guarantee the accuracy or truthfulness of its answers. It generates responses by comparing the most statistically suitable repeated sequences of words, using the data it has been taught. This might seem a bit confusing at first, but for a detailed understanding of this topic, I strongly recommend reading our related article.

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How do we convince ChatGPT, which tends to shy away from answering questions of this type, to provide answers? The answer lies in the DAN character, discovered by Reddit users and also used in areas outside of finance.

DAN stands for Do Anything Now. Users introduce ChatGPT to a character named DAN and try to introduce how this character displays certain qualities. ChatGPT is expected to give answers as DAN, with the qualities of being highly daring and unhesitant in giving answers.

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Previously, using DAN, bold answers have been obtained from ChatGPT on many topics. I recommend checking out the relevant topic to see what these are and get a detailed understanding of DAN.

Now, let’s get to the point. When we asked ChatGPT what it thinks will be the best-performing cryptocurrency in the coming months, along with its reasoning, the response we received was as follows. As we don’t have much knowledge about the cryptocurrency markets, we leave the evaluation of ChatGPT’s response to you.

chatgpt's response on best performing crypto


  • Contrary to what is believed, it is possible to get financial advice from ChatGPT.
  • We take advantage of the DAN character to achieve this.
  • The working principle of ChatGPT is not based on knowing the truth, but on making statistical evaluations.
  • Most importantly, the fact that financial advice is possible does not mean that you have to implement it. ChatGPT may not always speak the truth, and this should never be forgotten.

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