ChatGPT Dec 15 Version just released

Update: ChatGPT Jan 30 Version was released.

Update: ChatGPT Jan 9 2023 version was released.

Attention all Chat GPT enthusiasts! The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: ChatGPT Dec 15 is here! This latest version of the popular chatbot model has just been released, and it’s packed with exciting new features and improvements. Whether you’re a seasoned chatbot pro or a newcomer to the world of artificial intelligence, you won’t want to miss this comprehensive overview of the ChatGPT Dec 15 update. So let’s get chatting and see what ChatGPT Dec 15 has in store for us!

First things first. Here is the official release note from OpenAI, the company that created Chat GPT.

an official note on chatgpt dec 15 version release

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can access that through this official link right here. After this release, you are welcomed by a modal page stating that the new version is available when you visit the chatbot.

Chatgpt dec 15 version update

ChatGPT Dec 15 Release: What’s the latest scoop on the release?

Article 1 and Article 3 are pretty straightforward.

#1 The ChatGPT software has been improved with better general performance, including a reduced likelihood of refusing to answer questions. Comment down below if you see any progress on the performance of the chatbot day by day.

#2 When ChatGPT was first made available to the public, you did not have access to any previous conversations you had with it. Therefore, we could only see and respond to the current conversation at that time.

I was just saying to myself how convenient it would be if I could save certain conversations for future reference. Here we go! We can do that with the advent of the new release. People probably take it for granted if they only access GPT after this release. However, it was not possible at the time as I said previously.

#3 Hey, ChatGPT is trying to keep things running smoothly for all us users, so they’re testing out a daily chat limit. No worries though, if you’re part of the group that gets hit with the cap, you can beg for more chat time by giving feedback to ChatGPT. It’s like negotiating for more screen time with your parents.

And there you have it, the latest and greatest from ChatGPT! With all these new features, you’ll be chatting up a storm in no time. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and hit that pesky daily limit. But don’t worry, if you do, just sweet talk ChatGPT into giving you more access. Or you could always just log out and log back in again (wink wink). Keep in mind that the developers are continually working to improve ChatGPT. If you have any suggestions for how they can improve it, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

One of the most common suggestions we receive is to add a feature to interrupt ChatGPT’s responses, as they can sometimes take a long time and may not always provide relevant answers.

Regardless, we hope you have a great time chatting with this highly advanced AI. You can accomplish many things with it, such as building a web game without coding. If you are interested in learning how to do this, check out our post on the subject.

Happy chatting with AI!

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  5. I love that you are growing so fast, thank you for this opportunity, I have endless books in my head I want to write!

  6. This is January the 23rd 2023 and I still only have Version 9 I don’t know how to get first and 15 I have read through the documents here and I don’t see how I can do it. Is this something that I have to do myself or does it automatically happen and if it hasn’t automatically happened yet is there a reason for that. Thank you

    1. Hello,
      I apologize that the version of Dec 15 is not currently available. It has been upgraded and is only managed by OpenAI. At this time, OpenAI does not offer the option to downgrade the web version of ChatGPT.
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  7. When will the version 15 be available?

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