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ChatGPT is at capacity right now error and how to fix it?

Are you getting the “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” error message when trying to access ChatGPT? Although this can be frustrating, we have compiled this article with effective solutions to fix the issue.

The “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” error message is one of the most common errors people have been facing when trying to access ChatGPT. This error prevents you from accessing ChatGPT and communicating with this recently popularized AI language model.

chatgpt capacity error

What does ChatGPT is at capacity right now error mean?

This error message indicates that ChatGPT cannot currently handle any additional requests because its servers are operating at full capacity. This can happen when there is a sudden surge in demand or during peak hours when many people are using the service simultaneously.

The ChatGPT application has a capacity limit on the servers it uses to provide its services. If this capacity is reached, ChatGPT will be unable to provide its services to new users. This results in the “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” error message.

In fact, since its launch, the company has been making efforts to scale its systems and serve more users due to the high demand it has received. However, ChatGPT’s rapid rise in popularity has been even higher than expected, causing capacity errors do occur from time to time.

How to fix ChatGPT is at capacity right now error?

ChatGPT is at capacity right now error

You may have come across hundreds of solution recommendations that haven’t worked for this error so far. Don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss the root cause of this issue and only suggest effective solutions. Once you have attempted the solutions provided below, please try logging in to your ChatGPT account again.

Since this error is sent by the ChatGPT servers, clearing your browser history or restarting your computer will not be helpful.

1. Refresh the page at regular intervals

Although it may seem very simple, refreshing the page at regular intervals can help you overcome this error. Remember that there are not only new users trying to access the application, but also users who have logged out or are inactive.

By refreshing the page at regular intervals, you can take the place of a user who has left ChatGPT during the hours when this error is being encountered.

2. Upgrade your subscription to ChatGPT Plus

The most effective solution you can see for this error is to upgrade your subscription to ChatGPT Plus. However, this solution is not free. While standard entry to ChatGPT is free, a ChatGPT Plus subscription is a paid service.

ChatGPT Plus subscribers are given the privilege of additional resources to access the application under all conditions, especially during peak periods. Therefore, unless there is a rare exception, if you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you can use ChatGPT without encountering Chatgot is at capacity error.

3. Try logging in outside of peak hours

If you use ChatGPT outside of peak hours, your chances of encountering this error are much lower. During these periods when the ChatGPT servers are not operating at full capacity, logging in to ChatGPT is easier. You can find information on when peak hours occur below.

4. Wait a while and try again

You may have encountered a particularly busy time. Wait a bit and try logging back into ChatGPT. Additionally, if you see the “Get me notified when we are back” button on the error screen, you can take advantage of ChatGPT’s email notification service to stay informed.

If you can’t wait, you can use Bard, Google’s version of ChatGPT, or Bing Chat, Microsoft’s version of ChatGPT, until you can successfully log in to ChatGPT.

5. Try using a VPN

Try logging into ChatGPT using a VPN from a different region. If there are capacity limits that are regionally separated, you can bypass the capacity error by using this method.

Why is ChatGPT always at capacity?

Each server has a certain capacity for fulfilling requests. If the number of requests exceeds this capacity, the servers will be unable to fulfill all requests. It also may become unable to provide the service.

To prevent this situation, when the number of requests exceeds a certain limit, ChatGPT does not allow users to log in to the application due to capacity restrictions. Therefore it displays the “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” error message.

You may be wondering why you constantly encounter this error. The answer lies in the fact that the ChatGPT application has become very popular in a very short period of time and millions of people want to use it.

ChatGPT is taking measures to scale its servers and continuously serve more people. However, it is not always able to meet all of these demands. This issue is especially evident during peak hours when ChatGPT faces a high volume of requests.

Furthermore, ChatGPT Plus members receive priority access to the application, thanks to the additional resources and privileges they are granted. This results in the existing capacity being primarily consumed by these users.

What are the ChatGPT’s peak hours?

ChatGPT peak hours can differ depending on the time zone.

Typically, ChatGPT experiences its highest activity levels between 7 AM and 12 AM GMT-5, which coincide with regular waking hours. Activity levels tend to decrease outside of this time frame. Also, traffic usually drops on weekends.

You have a higher chance of accessing the ChatGPT service if you try during the sleeping hours of European and US users, who make up the majority of its user base.

How long should I wait for ChatGPT is at capacity right now error?

Unfortunately, there is no specific estimated wait time for this error. The wait time depends on the overall server load and user activity. You can try accessing ChatGPT at different times or periodically refresh the page until the server capacity becomes available.

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