ChatGPT Is Hiring: Apply Now

On January 31st, 2023, Greg Brockman, the CEO of OpenAI, made an announcement on his official Twitter account. In his tweet, he mentioned that they are urgently looking for software engineers for ChatGPT and shared an email address for applications. If a career at ChatGPT excites you, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Who is Greg Brockman?

a photo of Greg Brockman, the president of OpenAI

Greg Brockman is one of the co-founders of OpenAI and currently serves as its President. OpenAI is the company that develops ChatGPT. Brockman has a versatile personality. He is an entrepreneur, investor, businessman, and even a machine learning practitioner. You can access his blog post about how he became a machine learning practitioner on his own blog site. Brockman started at Harvard in 2008 and dropped out a year later. Since 2018, he has been involved in the development of generative pre-training language models (GPT).

ChatGPT is hiring: Looking for software engineers

We directly share the text posted on Greg Brockman’s official Twitter account below. Brockman stated that they are urgently looking for software engineers across frontend, backend, and infrastructure sides of ChatGPT to help scale and improve it. He mentioned that the expected feature in the candidates is to have a track record of building great products with a team before.

Because ChatGPT has received intense interest worldwide since its release, we know that its services have sometimes been unavailable and certain usage limits have been imposed. It is thought to be due to the need to improve these services in response to the elements in high demand.

How to apply to ChatGPT as a software engineer?

Brockman shared an email address on Twitter for candidates to submit their applications. According to this, you can send a message by introducing yourself, indicating your areas of expertise, your previous extraordinary achievements, and the earliest date you can start work to this email address

The email address they have shared:

This is the chance to not only use ChatGPT, which we greatly appreciate but to also be a part of its development as a software engineer. If the thought of working on ChatGPT excites you and you have proficiency in frontend, backend, or infrastructure as stated in the tweet, don’t miss out.

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