ChatGPT Jan 30 Version Just Released: What is New?

Attention everyone! The latest ChatGPT Jan 30 version is now available. Let’s take a closer look and discover the exciting updates and modifications in this cutting-edge version.

When you visit the home page of ChatGPT, you are now supposed to see ChatGPT Jan 30 version at the bottom of the screen. If you click that, it will direct you to the release page of OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT. But before going into that let’s see the history of all versions briefly so far.

a screenshot of homepage of ChatGPT where Jan 30 version is seen at the bottom

The History of ChatGPT Versions

  • ChatGPT Jan 30 Version: For the time being this is the latest version of ChatGPT, we will examine the details in the following parts of this post.
  • ChatGPT Jan 9 Version: In this version, ChatGPT created a stop-generating button and make some improvements to its algorithm.
  • ChatGPT Dec 15 Version: This was presented on December 15th, 2022. They added a conversation history feature where you can view prior conversations, which was not possible before that. A daily usage limit was also implemented due to limited capacity concerns.

ChatGPT Jan 30 Version

The following note is the official statement regarding the new version, as published on OpenAI’s release notes.

a screenshot of openai official release note related to ChatGPT Jan 30 version

This is also another official note, as published on OpenAI’s discord channel. If you haven’t been aware that an OpenAI official Discord channel exists, you can react to that out here.

a screenshot of openai official release note related to ChatGPT Jan 30 version on discord channel

They indicated that have upgraded the ChatGPT model with improved factuality and mathematical capabilities. We already know that ChatGPT has not been good at doing some calculations and it was generating wrong answers on some occasions on prior versions. To learn more about that mistakes you can take a look at our post on Discover Mistakes ChatGPT Make. You can also try the same prompts on that post now to see if there has been any improvement thanks to the new Jan 30 version.

The official statement is actually pretty generic and the details are not that clear. To understand the specific improvements, we thought, the best way is to gather feedback from users. Therefore, we have compiled user comments regarding their experience after the latest Jan 30 version release.

A Redditor shared the following comment indicating they have observed some improvements.

a redditor comment on ChatGPT Jan 30 version which they shared that they experienced some improvements

Here is the related ChatGPT response with the older Jan 9 version:

a screenshot where chatgpt is asked how many letter are there in the word vertigo. It replies 6

And, this is the latest experience the user shared with ChatGPT Jan 30 version :

a screenshot where chatgpt is asked describe batman in 1 and 3 words which it answers accordingly

There are also some brutal comments related to the new version, as below.

Is it possible to turn back older versions?

Unfortunately, no. Currently, we’re limited to using only the version provided by OpenAI, which cannot be altered. It’s not possible to revert to the Jan 9th or Dec 15th versions.


We’d like to hear about your experience with the latest Jan 30 version of ChatGPT. Have you noticed any improvements in its abilities? Do you believe it is an improvement over older versions? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us. Your feedback will be valuable in making further improvements.

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