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ChatGPT Jan 9 Version Just Released: Learn What’s New!

ChatGPT Jan 9 version was just released. We are going to examine what’s new about this brand-new version, and how it will affect the user experience of ChatGPT.

The previous version was ChatGPT Dec 15 version. The new version, named the January 9th Version, was released 23 days later.

Update: ChatGPT Jan 30 Version was released.

Overview of ChatGPT Jan 9 Version

The following is the official statement regarding the new version from OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Jan 9 version
  • We made more improvements to the ChatGPT model: There appears to have been some advancements in enhancing the effectiveness and precision of ChatGPT responses, but without access to the open-source code and additional information, we cannot know the details at length. According to reports from some users, some people have stated that ChatGPT’s performance has decreased after the release. If you have that kind of experience, it is probably temporary.
  • Stop generating button: We already felt that ChatGPT was supposed to have this feature. Even after its December 15 release, we provided feedback that we require a function to halt ChatGPT from generating responses because it can become tedious waiting for its response, especially when we know it’s not relevant. Now with Jan 9 version, we are able to stop ChatGPT whenever we want, and this is super useful!

Where is the stop button on ChatGPT?

stop generating button on ChatGPT

Many users have difficulty locating the stop button in ChatGPT after reading the release notes. They often ask, “Where is the stop button for ChatGPT?”

In order to see the button, you need to log out and log in again. However, it’s important to be aware that ChatGPT is experiencing high demand and you may encounter an error message stating that ChatGPT is at capacity when attempting to log in again. So try this method cautiously since it may not temporarily allow you to get back in.

Is it possible to revert back to the Jan 9 Version in ChatGPT?

Unfortunately, reverting back to the ChatGPT Jan 9 Version is not possible. This version represents the second release of ChatGPT and subsequent versions have built upon its capabilities, incorporating numerous improvements and enhancements.

OpenAI continuously works to refine and upgrade its models to provide users with the best possible conversational AI experience. As a result, there is no option to return to the Dec 15 Version once newer versions have been released.

How to view the current version of ChatGPT?

In order to view the current version of ChatGPT. Sign in to your ChatGPT account and view the area below the text input. There you can see the current version of ChatGPT.


The release of the ChatGPT Jan 9 Version is a significant leap forward in the realm of AI conversation. With its enhanced contextual understanding, expanded vocabulary, and improved multi-turn conversation capabilities, ChatGPT Jan 9 Version offers a more natural, intelligent, and immersive conversational experience.

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