Why does ChatGPT registration require phone number?

If you want to use ChatGPT, you need to create an account. During the account creation process, you will be asked to verify your phone number. This can raise questions in users’ minds for various reasons. We have prepared an article explaining why ChatGPT requires phone number verification.

ChatGPT requires a phone number

The features offered by ChatGPT are great. Moreover, logging into ChatGPT is quite easy. However, when you create your first account, ChatGPT requires you to verify your phone number. If you do not have a phone number or do not want to use this phone number for various reasons, unfortunately, you cannot access ChatGPT.

the screen where chatgpt requires you to enter your phone number

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Things you should know

  • ChatGPT requires a mobile phone number to verify your account for security concerns.
  • Phone verification using a landline, VoIP, or Google Voice is not permitted.
  • In certain countries, you may use WhatsApp for phone verification.

Why does ChatGPT need my phone number when creating a new account?

ChatGPT requires a phone number for security reasons.

According to the official documentation on OpenAI

They state:

  • When you sign up for our platform, we do require a phone number for security reasons.
  • This allows us to verify your account and ensure our platform remains secure.
  • We don’t use your phone number for any other purposes, and we take your privacy very seriously.

The last sentence is particularly important. Because when users are required to enter their phone numbers, the most concerning issue for them is whether their phone numbers will be used for any other purposes. According to OpenAI, the founder of ChatGPT, your phone number is only used to verify that you are a real user and to ensure the security of the platform.

Can I use Landline, VoIP, and Google Voice services to verify my phone number?

No. At the time of writing this, they do not support verification using a landline or VoIP (Google Voice, etc) provider.

Can I use my email instead of my phone number?

No. You have to verify your phone number. You should also verify your email address along with your phone number while creating a new account.

Can I use the same mobile number for additional accounts?

You can use the same phone number to verify 2 different accounts at most.

Does ChatGPT send the verification code via voice/email?

Phone verification can only be accomplished through a text message via SMS (or WhatsApp if it is available in your country). The code cannot be sent via email or phone call.

Can I use Whatsapp for verification?

Yes. In certain countries, you can complete phone verification with WhatsApp instead of via SMS.

Having trouble verifying your phone number on ChatGPT?

You may have encountered various errors during phone verification. You can follow the steps below to resolve these errors.

Too many attempts error

Wait a few hours and try again. If you still have the same issue then please try the following resolutions:

  • Make sure that you haven’t blocked any phone numbers or activated the “Do Not Disturb” feature.
  • Make sure that your device is turned on and is within an area with cellphone coverage.
  • Verify that you are receiving SMS messages from other sources or contacts.
  • Make sure that you are not using any applications that could potentially block text messages.
  • Reset your device/handset if necessary.

Unsupported Country error

This could be due to attempting to register from a country or territory that ChatGPT currently does not support. You can verify this by referring to the list of supported countries and territories.

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