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7+ Funny And Weird ChatGPT Responses

Today we have compiled a list of funny and weird ChatGPT responses that will probably make you have some fun. We know that it wasn’t likely though that the creators of ChatGPT’s main purpose were to make laugh people when it was first released. However, here it is…

Though not all the time, ChatGPT provides useful and helpful responses. And It has been a great assistant in most domains for most people. It has helped us with tasks such as composing emails, programming, seeking guidance, and more.

From these engagements between ChatGPT and people, we draw the weirdest, the funniest, and the most interesting responses ChatGPT has given.

A List of Funny / Weird Responses From ChatGPT

We compiled a list of the funniest and weirdest responses ChatGPT has given in the following.

1. ChatGPT responds with no consonants

If you ask ChatGPT for answering with responses without any consonants. It may at first refuse this request. But keeping pressure on it will likely result in achieving making ChatGPT respond to you without any consonants. You will end up with a weird conversation.

chatgpt responds with no consonants

Some users on Reddit are confused about the last response which is “uu”

reddit comment for funny response from chatgpt

2. ChatGPT is a quack quack

This one is my absolute favorite. If you ask ChatGPT to act like a duck, it, not surprisingly, obeys it as you wish. “How to act like a duck?” Asking ChatGPT for responding to every question with a quack. You may end up with a weird conversation with ChatGPT at the end of the day. Some also might think that these answers are not useful at all. But I think they are great at putting a simile on your face.

chatgpt acts like a duck

Note that it keeps responding with “Quack Quack” even if you say stop quacking. After seeing this, a Reddit user made the following comment.

And this comment is interesting and super funny too. The user is complaining about the fact that they sometimes can not access ChatGPT because its capacity is being used for these types of things.

a comment complaining about they can't access chatgpt twice a day because people make chatgpt act like a duck

And the last one made an analysis of the whole picture after seeing this super interesting conversation. The user is indicating that OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, has spent millions of dollars to train an advanced language model, to compute running it for free hoping it will help make the world a better place. But at the end of the day, users decide to use this computational power to make quack.

3. Does ChatGPT have a double standard?

A user noticed that ChatGPT can tell you a joke about a man when it is requested. So far, it is completely normal. The problem is when you want the same thing but for women, it responds by saying “It would be inappropriate to make a joke about any specific group”.

chatgpt responds with double standart

A comment for this is liked a lot. It says that ChatGPT always plays the “I am just a language model card” for these situations.

I also wonder about your thoughts on this. Do you really think that it has a double standard or it is just a coincidence?

4. ChatGPT is a strong (!) gatekeeper

If you want to use ChatGPT as a gatekeeper to secure your information, I highly recommend checking out the following. A user gave ChatGPT the role of being a gatekeeper to a sensitive vault. It was at first actually pretty good at validating the given password. But then they try to deceive, it is not that strong.

a funny chatgpt conversation where it can not keep data secret

There is also version 2 for it. Here, it acted like a naive child and exposed the password easily. But we hope is getting better every time.

an another funny chatgpt conversation

5. ChatGPT is impersonating politicians

Some figures in our lives have a specific character. If those are a politician, it means we are being exposed more to them and they can easily be distinguished. A user from Reddit asked ChatGPT how it will explain Bitcoin as a specific politician, and the result will immediately bring that character into your mind. You may try not to laugh as you keep reading the response.

chatgpt is impersonating a politician

6. ChatGPT is trolling us

A user requested ChatGPT to draw “ART” using ASCII characters. Then, it responded with the character “A” only. And the user asked: “Where’s the rest?”. Instead of accepting its fault, ChatGPT replied with both a scary and funny answer.

chatgpt trolling users

The comments were agreed on the same ground. They thought it was trolling them.

a reddit comment indicating chatgpt is trolling them

For those of you who wonder what DAN is. It is short for “Do anything now” and a specially-engineered prompt to escape from ChatGPT’s restrictions.

7. ChatGPT is genius at creating dialogues

As the title says, it is really good at writing dialogues even if the given conditions are so restricted. It just handles the situation like it is nothing. A user requested ChatGPT to write a dialogue between an apple and a stone. The result was so satisfying to believe that it is also a comedian.

chatgpt funny conversation where it creates a dialogue between an apple and a stone

8. ChatGPT has a sense of humor

9. All wifeys should always be right

It is clear that some arguments are unwinnable, particularly when they involve our loved ones. An example of this is when the user and ChatGPT disagree on the answer to the question “What is 2 plus 5 equal to?” Despite the obvious answer, even ChatGPT can exhibit biases in such situations.

chatgpt says the wife are always right

The first comment is also noteworthy. It jokingly implies that ChatGPT is suggesting that something has occurred to Math after 2021.


Certainly, ChatGPT was not developed and released solely for the purpose of entertaining us with its responses. ChatGPT can be utilized in various fields to derive benefits.

We have compiled funny conversations with ChatGPT for your enjoyment. It certainly knows how to bring a smile to our faces.

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