How To Understand If A Text Is Written With ChatGPT?

It has never been more important to check if a text was written by ChatGPT as its trend is rising exponentially.

ChatGPT, a super-trained language model developed by OpenAI company, has a huge impact on our lives. It can create lots of different content on almost all domains at the user’s request. This, however, led to another challenge, we sometimes struggle or fail to understand if a text was written with ChatGPT, and we may want to detect or understand it.

In certain fields, this is a particularly crucial issue as we may want to favor uniqueness or effort that is put into something. At some point in the future, we may completely fail to understand if a text is written by ChatGPT and AI may become an indistinguishable part of our lives. But before getting to that point, we will be discussing today the ways to identify real content versus AI-written content.

Detecting if a text is real or AI-generated

We will provide an app to use in order to understand if a text is written by ChatGPT. Please note that it may provide false-positive or false-negative results. To explain them briefly, take a look at the following descriptions.

False positive occurs when a test indicates a condition when they do not actually have it. In this context, a false positive would be when a test indicates that a text was written by AI when it was actually written by a human.

False negative occurs when a test does not indicate a condition when they do actually have it. In this context, a false negative would be when a test indicates that a text was written by a human when it was actually written by an AI.

The app that can be used to detect AI-written text

There are many more tools available for detecting AI-generated content. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on one of them and it probably get your work done. Universities, however, may use more advanced tools for detecting AI-generated content for academic purposes, as this is a highly important issue in academia.

GPT-2 Detector

This is a tool that allows you to input a piece of text to determine whether it was generated by AI. You can access that by searching for “GPT-2 Output Detector Demo” in a search engine. Simply paste the text you want to test in the designated field, and the model will begin the detection process. The result will be displayed in the bar below upon completion.

a photo of gpt-2 output detector model app that can be used to spot ai-generated content

So to test this app, I first asked ChatGPT to write me an essay about quantum physic. It gave me the following output. After reading it, I would have no idea if this is generated by AI or humans.

a photo asking chatgpt to provide and answer, we will later use this answer in the detection app

I took the provided text and put it into the detector app by copying and pasting it. Here is the result.

the app understands that the provided content is ai-generated or fake

According to the app, this text is 99.98% likely to be fake or created by AI. And this is astonishing as I have previously mentioned that I couldn’t able to detect it on my own.

It’s important to remember, however, that there is always the possibility of false negatives and false positives with any tool. As such, it’s important not to completely trust the results of this app, as we don’t know its rates of false negatives and false positives.

Anyway, it can be a great tool for helping us understand if a text is written by AI or not. For a more detailed explanation, you can watch the video titled “How To Get Around ChatGPT Detectors” by The AI Advantage down below.


ChatGPT is a great tool and has the potential of helping us in every domain of our lives. One of them is content creation. And with the advent of ChatGPT, understanding the difference between AI-generated content and human-generated is both difficult and crucial. There are some apps providing this service. While these tools are also evolving as ChatGPT does, It is important to be aware of false-positive and false-negative keywords.

Note that ChatGPT is not restricted only by content creation. You can do lots of great things with it. One of them is to build a web game with it. You can check out our post on how to do that.

Happy chatting with AI!

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