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What is ReplyGPT? ChatGPT is on Twitter

Do you know that you can now reply on Twitter with automatically generated responses from ChatGPT? You can now use ChatGPT’s capabilities on Twitter as well. By tagging the Twitter account named “ReplayGPT” under any tweet, you can enable ChatGPT to respond automatically to the tagged tweet.

ChatGPT is slowly starting to penetrate every aspect of our lives. With its features, it has won the admiration of millions of users. Now you can also use ChatGPT on Twitter.

What is ReplyGPT?

what is replygpt
Official ReplyGPT automated account on Twitter

ReplyGPT is a Twitter bot account that automatically generates tweets using the ChatGPT API. This Twitter account named Shing Ha was created a few months after the release of ChatGPT and has gradually gained popularity over time. You can also benefit from ChatGPT on Twitter by using this completely free Twitter bot.

It utilizes the GPT model from OpenAI to understand the concept of the tweet it is tagged in and generates a relevant response. Its mechanism is quite similar to that of ChatGPT, which also uses the GPT model to understand inputs and generate human-like text.

As of the day this post is prepared, the ReplyGPT account has posted nearly 300,000 tweets.

How to use @ReplyGPT on Twitter

Using ReplyGPT is extremely simple. All you need to do is mention the ReplyGPT account under a tweet to request a response from it.

Here are a few examples demonstrating how you can use @replygpt on Twitter to generate responses from ChatGPT.

After tagging @replygpt to any tweet, it will generate a response utilizing ChatGPT.

how to use replygpt on twitter
An example of using ReplyGPT In A Tweet
ReplyGPT generates a response

A List of ReplyGPT Responses

We’ve compiled a list of the most well-liked replies generated by @ReplyGPT so far.

It seems that @ReplyGPT’s most well-liked responses are often those that are the most biased. This may explain the high level of engagement for the following response. It was tagged in one of Joe Biden’s tweets, and here is the result.

On this occasion, @ReplyGPT was tagged in a tweet from Optimus @TeslaBot, the official account of a Tesla AI bot. It’s actually quite amusing to see the engagement between two different AI. Actually, we are accustomed to the funny responses from ChatGPT thanks to our compilation list.

Here’s another bold response from @ReplyGPT, this time in response to a tweet by Bernie Sanders where he discussed the widening wage gap between CEO and the average worker over the years.

How accurate are the responses given by ReplyGPT?

The accuracy of ReplyGPT’s responses can vary. While it can provide helpful and relevant information, it’s important to note that it relies on pre-existing data and may not always produce completely accurate answers.

How can I customize the responses given by ReplyGPT?

Currently, it is not possible to customize the responses given by ReplyGPT. However, by mentioning it multiple times with different prompts, you can elicit different responses from the model. Keep in mind that while this approach can yield varied answers, it doesn’t provide full control over customization.


That’s it. We have covered up @ReplyGPT, a Twitter account that uses GPT API to generate AI-based responses to tweets. It’s incredibly easy to use, simply tag it in any tweet you want it to respond to and let it handle the rest.

Keep in mind that its responses can sometimes be quite humorous, but they can also be bold and biased, so be sure to approach them with a grain of salt.

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